Trading Using the Economic Calendar

images 17 - Trading Using the Economic CalendarWith the help of the economic calendar, investors will be able to judge whether or not it is better to invest in a certain currency or not. It is most common among traders because of its use of time as a factor.

In the real world, there are many variables that can affect the clock and that can affect what's happening. All it takes is for a single variable to affect it. This way, if two or more variables exist, the decision can be made differently depending on which time is used.


For example, if you are a long term investor, you may want to use the EUR/USD but if you are short term, you might want to use the USD/EUR. It is the same for the trade day. With the economic calendar, it is possible to find out exactly when it will go against the clock.


The EUR/USD and the USD/EUR came from two different calendars that are based on time. The trade date is the first day of the calendar month, while the economic calendar comes after.


At the start of each trade day, the economic calendar says that the Euro will go up against the USD and the same goes for the USD. When the first day of the month is counted, the market has already begun and therefore, the USD will be affected by the change of the economic calendar. The reason why the EUR/USD can go up and the USD down is because they are based on the difference in two calendars.


The great advantage of using the economic calendar is that it saves time. When choosing a currency, you have to first look at how much time is required to learn the exact price. Traders can learn the price at their own pace and this is not possible with the calendar.


The difference between the EUR/USD and the USD/EUR is due to the fact that the former is based on hours instead of minutes. This means that the economic calendar makes it easier for traders to see if it is going up or down. Just as the time is based on the economy, so is the price.


In the business, there are some traders who prefer to see the price of the currency throughout the day, which means that there will be a huge profit for those who work in this industry. It is just like trying to read the price of a stock when it's about to go up.


The economic calendar gives traders an idea when the market will go up or down. The hour of the day is one of the factors which determine when the market will fluctuate. Therefore, when the market is changing, it is also changing.


This is why the EUR/USD and the USD/EUR are different. You will notice that the time is important. This will give you an idea when it will go up or down.


The economy is a part of the calendar, which gives you an idea when the market will go up or down. And, if you want to have more information, then you need to understand the calendar well.


So, now you know how the European business works. It will be easier for you to choose your trades using the economic calendar.

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